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LifeLinkx Cloud provides one-stop health maintenance solutions to individuals. Here is a mega opportunity to enjoy premium healthcare services that you cannot miss. In the modern world, health services have been completely revolutionized through this platform. LifeLinkx, offers highly-sophisticated but easy to use set of tools that provide the best healthcare maintenance services based on cloud technology. We want to empower our clients as well as keeping their health synchronized.


Why should you use LifeLinkx cloud services?

Through the daily living observations (DLOs), our subscribers' health has been kept under scrutiny, as well as preventing possible ailments. This also assists the patients psychologically because they know that they are being monitored by love one.


Not only do we provide health & fitness maintenance services, but we also aim to provide all relevant information that pertains to your health. This has been made feasible through LifeLinkx healthy living blogs, where diverse information is made available to all our subscribers and any other person interested

Features to aid you lifestyle

  • LifeLinkx Mobile apps
  • Single point advanced dashboard
  • Monitor health and wellness information
  • Medical history management
  • Collect, archive & analyze biometric readings
  • Manage chronic health condition
  • Log, track & manage prescriptions & medications
  • Manage Lab Results & share with healthcare providers
  • Healthcare related appointments & contacts
  • Alert & remind health maintenance activities
  • Customize analytics & reporting
  • Share health related data with physicians & caregivers
  • Manage privacy & customize security
  • Custom API to connect with Enterprise systems
  • Small business management module